Leaders Digest: Church and the Family

Our aim in this teaching is to identify a framework which will help us to explore the distinctive characteristics of Christian marriage and to see how we relate to our society and contribute to its wider transformation. We will also explore the subjects of family and singlehood as addressed by the Scriptures.  

Unless our understanding is securely founded we risk being dragged along in the wake of moral decline in society. May this Leaders Digest provide you with the information and guidance you need. 

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Our aims with this Leaders Digest

To identify a framework which will help us explore the unique characteristics of Christian marriage and to explore the subjects of family and singlehood as addressed by the Scriptures. 


hat is covered in this Leaders Digest?



We cover three specific themes, one session for each, as follows:

Session 1: Christian marriage

The first video is a presentation by Geoff and Shirley Brown on the covenant of marriage – asking what makes a Christian marriage? They helpfully focus on the difference between marriage as a contract or as a covenant, reflecting Christ’s love for his church. 


Session 2: Family

The second video presented by Jeff and Stephanie Enfield looks at God’s purpose for, in and through the family. They look at God’s plan and purpose for family and how the expression of family in church life is a beautiful vehicle for nurturing believers and bringing them through to adulthood and maturity. More than that, the expression of church family has great power to bring healing and wholeness to those who are lost and broken in society.


Session 3: Embracing singlehood

The third video is a dialogue between Ewen Robertson and Jane Callow, who discuss what the Bible says about singlehood. They then begin to share some of the challenges faced by those living a single life, at a time when singlehood is an increasing reality, including for those over 40 in the church in the UK. (These considerations also include those who are widowed or divorced). They ask us to consider again those who are single in our congregations and think how we bless, nurture, support, celebrate and encourage them.


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